Sake tasting experience (Reservation required)
¥5,000 JPY / person (age 20~)


  • You can taste basic types of sake.
  • This experience set is perfect for sake beginners who want to drink sake but don’t know what to drink.
  • Comes with an original sake vessel souvenir.

What’s Included

★Alcoholic beverages
[Junmai-shu, honjozo-shu, junmai-ginjo-shu, daiginjo-shu, unpasteurized sake, cloudy sake, aged sake, sake based liqueur] 8 kinds of sake (1 glass 30ml) Tasting with explanation
★All Fees and taxes
★Sake booklet
★Sake tasting quiz
★Original sake vessel souvenir
★10% discount on retail purchases

Reservable time
Tuesday – Sunday:12:00 – 19:00



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