We have a great collection of sake from all over Japan!

More than 100 bottles of sake are on our shelves waiting for you to sample. With our diverse selection, you will find a sake that delights your mouth or intrigues you with its unique flavor. Stop by our store to sample.

*By the glass: ranges from ¥200~

*Tasting Set: Choose three glasses and get a ¥100 discount.

You can also purchase a bottle from our stock, so please find your favorite and bring one home.

Find something you like? Bottles are available for purchase. Select your favorite sake and take it home with 1 hour online loans you.

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Opening Hours
Monday to Friday:
11:00am to 21:30pm (last order 21:00)
Saturday(closed on 4th Saturdays) ,Sundays:
15:00pm-20:00pm (last order 19:30pm)
National Holidays;4th Saturday of each month
TEL +81-3-5405-4441
FAX +81-3-5405-4442
E-mail meishu@nihonshu.com
Address Isoyama Daini Building 1F 2-3-29 Hamamatucho,Minato-ku Tokyo. Japan

Way to Meishu center
From Daimon Station B3 or B4 Exit (Oedo line, in front of the World Tarde Center Building in Hamamatsucho), FromJR Hamamatsu-cho Station north exit,walk one block toward Tokyo Tower.
If you’re facing Akitaya(秋田屋)and Cafe de Crie. take the street to the left of the shop, and walk about one minute.
the Meishu Center is on the left, with a big bright orange sign you cannot miss.

(日本語) 5月のお蔵元を囲む会

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(日本語) 5月の営業日

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(日本語) 酒蔵見学のご案内

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(日本語) Opening hours

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