Ito Shuzo’s original type of sake, Yokobue is named after a character from old Japanese literature called “Heike Monogatari”. The founder of Ito Shuzo wished for his sake to inherit one of the character’s names he deeply related to. Ito Shuzo provides as many products that they can manufacture by their hands.






Misuzu Shuzo became independent of the Kumagaya brand in 1893, It was named “Misuzu” in 1897. Misuzu utilizes the characteristics of Miyamanishiki rice and yeast both of which are produced in Nagano. They aim for a light taste and a modest flavor, but yet memorable sake.




Ishii Shuzo is the only sake brewery in Saitama. They have been in business since 1839. The master brewer is the youngest brewer out of all Japanese sake breweries. He is really passionate and tries to spread the word of Japanese sake all over the world. Their signature brand “Houmei” has mild characteristics and sweet taste that lets you feel their passion.



酒造りを開始するにあたり、九代目勘次郎は敷地内の各所に井戸を掘ったそうです。 すると、大ケヤキの傍から滾々(こんこん)と、清冽な泉が湧いて出てきました。これこそ、田村家の酒造りの未来を占う吉兆ではないか。九代目はこの水を 「よろこぶべき泉」として讃え、酒銘を、「嘉泉」と命名したのです。「田むら」は、「嘉泉」をベースにさらにこだわった造りをしています。

Tamura Shuzou started in 1821. Tamura produces their sake nearby the Tamagawa Waterworks built in 1653. They follow their family rule which is “We must carefully make sake, and sell it with respect” Tamura is only sold in stores with enthusiastic love for sake.


2011年、東京都港区芝に酒造りの観点からは新しい試みと言える都心での酒蔵を開業致しました。敷地22坪 鉄筋コンクリート4階建てビル内で徹底した温度管理の元年間を通し酒造りをしています。開業当初、どぶろく、リキュールの製造を主にしておりました。2016年7月、清酒製造免許を取得することができ現在は念願の清酒製造販売を開始しております。都心で醸す酒蔵として少量ながら新鮮で高品質な製品を皆様の元へお届けします。



味に力、旨さに華、こころゆさぶる酒たち。世界で一番売れている日本のクラフトビール「常陸野ネストビール」をはじめ、「清酒 菊盛」の数々、2009年梅酒日本一に輝いた「木内梅酒」を醸造している蔵元です。

Kiuchi Shuzo creates Japans top selling Japanese craft beer, the “Nesto Beer” and they also make the great sake, “Kikumori”. Kikumori is also the name of the sake rice that is grown in their fertile rice fields. Their sake has been awarded the gold medal many times in the Japanese sake competitions. Kiuchi’s sake is special sake that the Japanese want to treasure and keep sacred long into the future..




有機清酒「天鷹」を造る米は、全て日本農林規格(JAS法)に定められた「有機米」です。だから、有機米のもつ、甘みと旨み、そして優しさがお酒に生きています。 天鷹酒造はこの有機米の特性を保つため、醸造行程においても細心の注意をしながら醸しています。

Tentaka protects the heritage from their founder. They also keep his words close to heart “If sake isn’t dry, the sake is not real”. They respect the tradition, but never forget to challenge themselves. Tentaka takes the lead in sake making for the future, and never forgets their tradition.






“Iwao” is a brand from Takai which has a strong body taste. It’s a perfect drink for an evening at home. They have been providing sake from a great place that’s rich in nature since 1729. Takai considers their sake a work of art and every ounce of their confidence is in each bottle.




Kondou Shuzou has been in business since 1875. They have been creating sake named Akagisan named after Mt. Akagi for many years. Their signature brand “Akagisan” has a crisp dry taste. The refreshing flavor of their sake never becomes boring. Their sake Akagisan is referred to by many as the sake of Man.



Ootone Shuzou is small sake brewery located in Ozegahara. As a small brewery they are proud to inherit all their hand-crafting sake skills that their previous generations have taught them. Enjoy their sake which has a fresh taste that also comes with a rich and full-flavor that will give you a pleasant intoxicated feeling.







The prefecture of Mie is blessed with great refined water from the Kiso Three Rivers. The area of Mie is known for its trading ports that have a long historical background dating back to the Edo era. They want you to experience a variety of the flavor in their sake that comes from the rice in which it’s made with. Their signature brand “Hayate” will help enhance the flavor of the traditional meals of Japan.






Starting from 1847 Ito Shuzo is particular about quality management for their sake. They are dedicated to producing a safe and secure quality of sake. One of their sake brand names is called “Uzume” which is taken after the Japanese goddess of dawn from the Japanese religion of Shinto. “Uzume” has a very mild flavor, and slowly enhances in your mouth. Ito Shuzo pursues to keep their tradition protected in Mie.




Takeno Shuzo values to build a good relationship with the locals in Kyoto. They believe that Sake helps connect people together and communication through sake is universal.

Their Junmai series, Kuramai was created as a symbol of their passion towards making sake. Takeno wants to pass over their tradition and spirit to all the next generations to come.